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Friday, 1 May 2015

Birthday events organizers Cochin

     Many Many Happy Returns of the day!!! 
                                A birthday is the good time for party
                                A birthday can offer wonderful reason to smile
                                Birthday has a Happy Get together
                                A birthday be the best time to do all that you like
Are you planning to make your Beloved one's birthday more delightful and colorful ?
Birthday is a wonderful anniversary where a person was born”. Celebrating this event with lots of entertainment, trendy theme settings,, delicious catering ,Lighting and music etc.
Melodia Event management Cochin will make your dream come true with less expense with the help of expert creative teams.
We offers extra mile unique from others to give you wonderful experience and make your day unforgettable for ever.

Our Works Include
  • Birthday Theme Decoration
  • Simple Decoration
  • Balloon and floral decoration for entrance arc
  • Caps,props and candles supplies for birthday
  • Arrangements include cartoon characters,magicians,tattoo artists etc for kids birthday
  • Catering Arrangement
  • Lightings and musics
  • Return gift for birthday person.
If your planning for uniqueness in your function then go for Birthday events organizers Cochin and also Wedding Event Management Cochin  Services will make your dream of wedding into reality. We have clients all over kerala includes cities such as Thrissur, Calicut, Kochi, Kotayyam with Melodia to will always ready bring a surprising services as per your preference.
The Choice is yours. You can choose party locations be at pool side,at community hall or at your home also we are ready make your day memorable for ever with Event management kerala
                           A birthday comes back each year with a new surprises and promises
                                                  Wait for that...
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Friday, 10 April 2015

Summer Wedding Planning Services

Add Colours to your summer wedding..

Do you need endless possibilities of summer in wedding?
Summer time allows couples to choose from an array of wedding themes as unique and varied as the venues around them.
Melodia Event management company Kochi encapsulate different types of wedding themes to follow your imagination and help you plan your dream wedding which truly add some nostalgic feelings to your of summer season.
What is special with us ?
Summer is an ideal wedding season for us to make the wedding depends on the wish of o the choice of a couples to make their marriage whether in a traditional way or its in a modern way.
We are offering plenty of scope to become creative while decorating wedding stage. Summer is the best time for reception and the ceremony.
  • Colourful flowers will make extra awesome treat to eyes.
  • Lighting is an unavoidable part of wedding decors and varieties of lights are available that make your wedding unique.
Summer Nights are often thought of as a most romantic time take an advantage of the sensual nature of the summer with a late evening ceremony.
Wedding Event Management
Every moment at your wedding will become a large memory that stays with you for a long time. “Wedding”that brings hundreds of emotions which represents not only two lives together ,but also it brings two kinds of culture,two families and hundreds of expectations together.
We are also provides various services such as
  • Creates and implement perfect wedding communication
  • Excellent Hospitality solutions
  • Infrastructure and all facility setting
  • Interactive entertainment platform
  • Designer cuisine
Feel Better
You feel Better with us because we are providing
  • Low cost rent A/C rooms
  • Offer cool gadgets
  • Excellent catering services
  • Excellent Indoor and Outdoor Wedding packages

WeddingEvent Management Services Kochi Provides best platform for you to celebrate your wedding during summer season. DJ in Kochi will adds extra beauty to your marriage.
Your Wedding is a blank canvas just waiting for you to paint it in your special colors .
Contact us for best summer weddings: www.melodiaeventmanagement.com
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Monday, 23 March 2015

Cultural event Management Thrissur

God's own Country
“Kerala” Enjoys unique geographical feature that have made it one of the most sought after tourist destination in Asia. The composite culture of Kerala enriched through the ages with the contribution of various people and races.
Cultural events that inviting our ancient culture back to our land and that events adding stunning variety on the commitments , creativity and demands hands on experience to carry out the cultural event, that is where Meldia Events takes control and steals the show.
We are offering wide range of cultural events like:
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Theatre & arts
  • Traditional folk dances
  • Excellent hunt shows
  • We are Following your own cultural tradition and style

Presenting traditional art forms such as kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kalari payattu, Ottam Thullal and Traditional folk dances comprises of colorful and spectacular events in Kerala. The Each and every events have different to say different stories about their origin. Melodia event Presenting variety of events based on the people's cultural traditions and religious backgrounds. We are ready to satisfy your traditional events and culture back into reality. What you want to do is just call us and we had assist you organize your cultural events efficiently and skillfully.

Contact Us: event-managers-kerala.com
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Wedding Event management Thrissur

Set Your Design
Weddings are rather extensive affairs,they definitely require lot of planning on your part. Selecting the wedding stage decors is a step you don't want to miss out on because of these elements will make your wedding stunning. The stage should give a visual treat for the audience eyes.
Wedding Event management Thrissur will place excellent impression in guests about your marriage. The total Design comprises of table and chair and wedding period beautification and wedding hall beautification and many other decorations.
Set a specific budget
In the world of wedding,it seems to have a high price tag. It is important that allocating a certain amount of money for wedding is wise.
What are the highlights?
  • Lighting
  • Table Decor
  • Room Decor
Different colours of lights ,Light plots,Instrument schedule, colour media and cue sheets will make the marriages all about glamor and style.
Table Decor
Crystal Vases, Bowls, Candle sticks will add additional attractive beautification to wedding decor.
Room Decor
Bed rooms are the major highlights of marriage. Attractive bedrooms holding enormous significance as its a blessed place.


Marriage is the most important day of everyone’s life and this is vital that everything goes completely. All these kind of decoration will make marriage stage beautification in their top and creates great impact on every visitor mind. Melodia Event management company has highly creative and highly professional and skilled staffs to deliver the uniqueness meeting your expectations.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wedding event management Thrissur

http://www.melodiaeventmanagement.com/wedding-event-management/“Wedding” the term which expresses hundreds of emotions. Its not only two people united in marriage but also it brings lot two families, two culture and infinite expectations together. Wedding are all about style, glamour and dazzling lights. Every wedding that arising from traditional and cultural outfits paired with stunning kind of jewelry that make the wedding function complete and colourful.
http://www.melodiaeventmanagement.com/wedding-event-management/The bride or groom has to be prettiest and handsome on the special day of marriage. Choosing the correct outfits related to beauty is the biggest task ever. Melodia Wedding event management thrissur will offering a platform will turn that fantasy into reality. Exclusive services that gives you an out of the world experience in your events with full of memorable moments.Wedding Planning Services thissur put forwarding all the outfits for you.

  What we do?
  We know that that your wedding must be perfect and colourful. We will make your   dreams into reality by
  • Effective wedding communication can be developed and implemented
  • Providing hospitality solutions
  • Interactive entertainment
  • Designer cuisine 
What to expect?
http://www.melodiaeventmanagement.com/wedding-event-management/Melodia wedding planners in Kerala take all responsibilities to hear the requirements of a client,Propose a wedding package according to the budget a client. Make wedding arrangements in proper way and also offering a pleasurable and stress free wedding experience for all. Punctuality and timeliness you can gradually expect from us.

Our services
We are offering services such as
  • Premarriage events
  • Wedding stage decorations service
  • Vehicle and Facility decoration
  • Catering services
  • Hosting of events
  • Excellent accommodation for guests
  • We are handling your class, grade, and budget.
Before handing all the responsibilities of the wedding to a wedding planner, you should conform that the person is excellent enough to handle all arrangements perfectly and completely. Melodia event management are one of the best event planners in Kerala.

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Birthday Party Organizers In Kochi, Thrissur

Are you planning to make your childs birthday a delightfull one ?
We will make your dream come true with less expense, trendy theme settings, lots of entertainment, delicious catering etc.

We have satisfied a number of clients over entire Kerala including cities like Thrissur, Calicut, Kochi, Kotayyam with our birthday event management services.

Special birthday services includes Theme decoration, Simple decoration, Balloon or floral entrance arc ,Birthday supplies including caps, props, candles, Arrangement for entertainment with cartoon characters, magicians, mascots, tattoo artists, face painters, Arrangement for caterer ,Return gifts for children, Lighting and music etc

If you are looking for something special in your kid’s birthday party, you may go for a theme birthday event. it includes Fairy theme, Cinderella theme ,Pirates of Caribbean theme,Super hero theme,Remix theme, Arabian theme, Wildlife theme etc

Want to Know More About Us ????

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Corporate Event Management Team

Make Your events standout from the rest with Melodia Event Management....

Most important thing that makes melodia different from others is the dedicated services and the professionalism in which they are conducting each and every events. Several event management companies are there all over india, services that they are offering may be different.But the thing is quality is different.

Melodia events , are the professional event management team in thrissur.Events are part of enjoyment ,in busy life we will get only 1 or 2 days for entertainment, so for making a day memmorable, event management team plays a great role.

Event services which we are offering can be catogerized mainly in

  • Wedding Event Management
  • Stage Decoration
  • Corporate Events
  • Entertainment Shows
  • Team Building Events
  • Exhibition Services
  • HR Events

Wedding Event Management

Wedding is one of the most important event in our life, make that day the most memmorable one is very essential.we at melodia brings together the expectations, culture, traditions of 2 families into a perfect one.

Stage Decoration

Provides stage decoration services traditionally , an elegant and beautifully designed stage make the guests feeling amazing.whether it is wedding, nikah, walima, mehandi or a reception we can ensure colour and theme of wedding is carried out through out the design.

Corporate Events

we are creative and professional event management with considerable experience in multi national corporate functions. Corporate events includes product launches, brand promotions, road shows, seminars and conferences etc.

Entertainment Shows

Entertainment shows which includes dj parties, award function, live music bands, etc. we also provide artist management services and can arrange celebrities for your personal functions.

For More Information

Visit Our Website : www.melodiaeventmanagement.com/events